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Spaces that work for you and your family

Welcome to Masterly-Living, where I help transform homes into functional spaces for working moms. I understand that your home is your command center for your family. I want to ensure your home supports and enhances your busy lifestyle, rather than adding to your stress.

I look beyond the superficial aesthetic of magazine-ready homes; and dive deep into the heart of what makes a space truly work for you. It's not just about beauty; it's about creating an environment where every element serves a purpose, where simplicity meets functionality. I believe that a well-organized home is a launchpad for success and wellbeing, both personally and professionally.

Get to Know Me:

Anna Haakenson


Hello! I'm Anna, the founder of Masterly-Living, a working mom with two wonderful girls. My passion for creating thriving, functional home spaces blossomed from my own experiences balancing a busy career with a vibrant family life. Inspired by my love for the outdoors and travel, I transformed my home into a space that blends functionality with the joy of living. Now, I'm dedicated to helping other working moms create their homes into thriving and efficient spaces that support their unique lifestyles and aspirations.


To provide innovative, easy-to-implement routines and organizational strategies that seamlessly integrate into the busy lives of working mothers. Striving to transform homes into spaces of tranquility and efficiency, where every mom can flourish both personally and professionally. Commitment lies in fostering environments that support the well-being and productivity of the entire family, ensuring that each home becomes a thriving space for growth, love, and creativity.

In the life of a working mom, every organized space is a bold statement of power and purpose.

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